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Introducing: Almondie™ Almond Milk from Almondie™ Almond Butter

Make The Purest Almond Milk
in 30 Seconds
with No Additives or Preservatives!

Blend 2-3 tsp. of Almondie™ almond butter with 1 cup of water and instantly enjoy the most delicious, nutritious, all natural milk substitute that nature has to offer!

  • Add dates or honey to naturally sweeten
  • Add more Almondie for a thicker consistency
  • Since Almondie Almond Milk is preservative free, it must be refrigerated immediately after blending and should be consumed within 72 hours

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Drinking Almondie Almond Milk is a fast, easy, and delicious way to add a tremendous amount of nutrition to your diet.

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Almond Milk Made from Almondie is Simply the Best:
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Read what our satisfied customers have to say about Almondie:

My doctor recommended I cut out all dairy products and switch to almond milk. I did a bunch of research on all the milk substitutes available. From what I found out, most of the almond milks you can buy are full of added sugar and preservatives. I also found out that there’s not a high concentration of almonds in most of these almond milks; the ratio of water to almonds is very high and there is food coloring added to make it look white. The thought of having food coloring and all sorts of preservatives in my morning coffee grossed me out. I was so happy to find Almondie because it has zero preservatives and is chemical-free. It’s nutritious and delicious with a pure, all-natural taste.

Gabby F., Chicago, IL

I tried half a dozen almond milks from the grocery store until I found Almondie almond butter. Almondie makes the best almond milk ever! I was amazed at how easy it was to make pure almond milk. It took only 30 seconds to make, and you can play with the ratio of almond butter to water, depending on how thick you want it. The almond milk I make from Almondie is so tasty, and I love that it only has two ingredients: 100% pure almond butter and water! I usually blend in a date to sweeten it. No preservatives whatsoever; just pure almond milk. I get jars of Almondie delivered to my house every few weeks - I tell all my friends to buy it!

Tamar G., Brooklyn, NY

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